You want Locs? Consider these 4 things:

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH! There are a variety of locs in today's society and each is started and maintained (or not) with various methods. There are cultivated locks such as Traditional locs, Sisterlocks™/Brotherlocks ™, Instalocs, Microlocs and Bradelocz. There are non-cultivated locks such as Organic and Freeform locks.

2. Chose the right locking method and size for YOUR lifestyle. Decide if you are ready for a long-term hair commitment.

3. You MUST keep a regular hair maintenance/grooming schedule. Locs are not meant to be "no maintenance" but "low maintenance". Your hair still needs to remain healthy thru regular washing and grooming (unless you are Free forming).

4. Enjoy YOUR hair journey! Take pictures, write a blog, capture videos. Natural hair is Naturally Amazing! No two set of locs look alike. Find a support buddy or group and be the LOC ENVY of them all!

What are Sisterlocks™??

Sisterlocks is a natural hair care management system that allows women and men with tightly textured hair take advantage of a wide range of hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair. Any style that you can achieve with loose hair, you can achieve with Sisterlocks.

Sisterlocks creates a stable, woven, framework in a lock of hair within which the natural interlocking process can take place, so sisterlocks will not damage or thin your hair. In fact, this woven framework makes the locks stronger. This is one of the reasons why the locks can be made extremely small yet grow long and beautiful.

With Sisterlocks there are no use of gels, grease, glue, string or beeswax to lock or maintain the hair. The Sisterlocks technique simply takes advantage of your natural curl pattern and creates your locks with a patented tool. There are NO EXTENSIONS added which can put tension on

the root of the hair and

in turn cause the hair to

break over time.

You can start Sisterlocks with permed hair! Transitioning clients can start Sisterlocks with as little as 2 inches of new growth. We simply install Sisterlocks on the new growth portion of the hair, not the permed portion. Once installed, you style as you normally would. As your locks grow, you slowly cut away the permed portion of your hair. This way you do not have to start your locks with a very short length of hair.

Other Popular Q & A's

Q- Can I wash my hair with Sisterlocks?

A- YES! Washing your locs consistently is mandatory and vital for the maturing of healthy Sisterlocks! You should shampoo with the starter shampoo every 7-10 days.

Q- How soon can I color or when should i color my Sisterlocks?

A- Please know that color (dye or rinse) is a chemical and will alter the texture/curl pattern of your hair and in most cases can be drying! If you MUST color, please do so prior to your consultation/installation. Once you have new Sisterlocks, it may take over a year before you can color again as to not disrupt the maturing process of your locs.

Q- Should I put oil/spray on my Sisterlocks?

A- NO!! Products that you put on the hair/scalp only reflects SHINE which is artificial. Your scalp is capable of producing SHEEN which is natural and the goal for healthy hair. This will take place once you stop "clogging" your scalp with oils, mists and grease products.

Q- Do I need to cover my Sisterlocks when I goto bed at night?

A- YES! This is to protect the integrity of your locs and to ensure no lint collects in the locs. You can use a bonnet, loc soc or any head satin/silk head covering as long as its not tied "tightly" to the head.

Q- Why does my scalp itch/get flaky after getting Sisterlocks?

A- You are not using products anymore to clog the scalp so once you start using the Sisterlock starter shampoo only, it allows the scalp to detox and rid itself of years of product build up. Naturally your scalp will go into shock and in the process of producing its natural oil, dead/excess skin will start to shed and appear as "flakes" from the hair. This will go away so stay away from the products!!

Q- Will my Sisterlocks "pop" or "break" due to the small size?

A- NO!! Unless you have some condition that causes your hair to break off or you go too long between appointments or un-naturally pull at your locs causing them to break, they are very sturdy. Sisterlocks are not twisted like traditional locs but instead or interlocked into a weaving pattern, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed throughout the loc. If you are still skeptical, look at the founder of Sisterlocks- Dr. JoAnne Cornwell (she is the prototype after 20+ years with no issues) 

Q- Can I style my Sisterlocks?

A- Yes! Any style you achieved with loose/straight hair you can do with Sisterlocks. Rollers, Braid outs, or pin ups work well. Stay away from heat (flat irons) and products (gels, oils, etc). 

Q- When will my Sisterlocks actually LOCK?

A- There is no magic number (sorry!). It could take as less as 6 months to over 2 years. This is determined by your specific curl pattern and hair texture. Don't rush it! Let your Sisterlocks mature naturally or risk having deformed locs!

Q- Will my Sisterlocks look like "HERS"?

A- NO! Everyone has a unique DNA sequence and so does Sisterlocks! The overall look of YOUR locs is determined by your specific curl pattern and hair texture and how you take care of your locs.

Q- Now that I have Sisterlocks, what should I do??

A- LISTEN TO YOUR CONSULTANT!!! You've done the research, interviewed with this person via the official consultation and sit in his/her chair every 4-6 weeks and paid money!! Why would you NOT trust and listen to this wealth of knowledge!! Beware of taking advice from online persons who are not working in your Sisterlocks :)

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We specialize in a product free hair locking technique using a tool to create stable locks that is best suited for your individual needs.


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Various Loc Choices

*Interlocking is a method that uses a tool to place the hair into a weaving pattern allowing it to lock without using excessive twisting or products*

Sisterlocks© & Brotherlocks©

Technique: Interlocking

Tools: Sisterlocks© Tool (hook or clip)

Features: Distinct parting grid, small and lightweight locs, maximum styling

Maintenance: apprx 4-6 weeks. Retightening of new growth with tool. No products or extensions used

Interlocs, Microlocks & Traditional Locs

Technique: Interlocking

Tools: Various (Hands, Easy Loc

Tool, Nappy Loc Tool, Flexi-Loc

Tool, Crochet Needle etc)

Features: For interlocs/micro

locks-appears similiar to the

Sisterlocks system with generic

parting and various (larger)

sizing (cost effective option)

For Traditional locs- Variety of

sizes. Great for "difficult to loc"

hair textures. Locs have a more

"braid stitch" type pattern

initially. Can be started by twists,

braids or interlocking

Maintenance: For interlocs/micro

locks apprx 4-8 weeks depending

on size. Retightening of new

growth with tool. No products

are used.

For Traditional locs- apprx

8-12 weeks. Retightening of new

growth with tool. No products

are used